Time goes on


I use to watch every second,

Watch every hour,

And watch every minute

The clock would devour.


And, as every day passed,

Sand would seep from the hourglass.

I’d observed with anticipation

For my days of advanced education.


But, as time went on,

The days became longer.

Now, I’ve lost myself

And wish I’d been stronger.



Tiny Pizza Slice (knitting pattern)

It has been a while, huh?

Materials – Light brown 4ply, yellow 4ply, and little bit of red 4ply for embroidery

Equipment – A pair of US 2 (2.75mm) knitting needles.

A chenille or tapestry needle.


Note: The pizza is knitted flat then folded over and sewn together.


Pizza Slice

With light brown, cast on 6sts.

Rows 1-6: Stst, starting with a k row.

Row 7: K2tog, k in the next 2sts, k2tog. (4)

Row 8: P.

Row 9: K2tog, twice. (2)

Break light brown and change to yellow.

Row 10: P.

Row 11: Kf/b, twice. (4)

Row 12: P.

Row 13: Kf/b, k in the next 2sts, kf/b. (6)

Row 14: P.

Rows 15-18: Stst, starting with a k row.

Break yellow and change back to light brown.

Row 19: K.

Cast off purl-wise.


Finishing: Fold the pizza in half, sew one side together, lightly stuff with some of the yarn ends (or just skip this part if you want a flatter pizza), then sew the other side closed. Use red 4ply to embroider pepperonis with french knots, or use a different color to embroider the topping of your choice.


When I first started this blog, I planned on mainly talking about designing patterns. However, since none of them have sold, I feel a bit discouraged and honestly don’t feel like talking about it. I mean, it’s not like there’s much to talk about anyway. I just have to be patient and keep on trying. I’ll admit there is times that I seriously contemplate on just giving up, but the idea always saddens me.

Growing up, I’ve never had a strong drive to do one particular thing. I just always figured that if I couldn’t think of anything else, I’d become an engineer like my father. As time went on though, sitting in an office all day started sounding less and less appealing. I don’t feel like it’d something I’d enjoy. I’m sure I could learn to tolerate it, but I would like to find a job that I actually enjoy instead of one I just “tolerate.”

A job within the makeup industry is also something I have considered. I don’t feel like I’m the most skillful when it comes to makeup, but I have learned a lot in the last few months. Though my looks mainly consist of dark brown smokey-eyes, I have been trying to broaden my horizons a little bit. I recently tried a look using green eyeshadow and I will never make that mistake again. I’m sure some people can pull it off, but I am just not one of them.

Patriotic Popsicle Charm

55480A6B-4CC9-46F6-8098-DA6A437BD4DAHappy Independence Day!The yarn and crochet hook you use is optional.


• Red, white, and blue sport weight

• Stuffing or scraps of yarn


• A US C2 (2.75mm) crochet hook

• A chenille or tapestry needle


With red, ch 2.

Round 1: Work 6 sc in the first ch. Sl st to the first sc to join. (6)

Round 2: Ch 1. Work 2 sc in the joining st and 1 sc in the next 2sts. 2 sc in the next st and 1 sc in the last 2sts. Sl st to the first sc to join. (8)

Round 3: Ch 1. Work 2 sc in the joining st and 1 sc in the next 3sts. 2 sc in the next st and 1 sc in the last 3sts. Sl st to the first sc to join. (10)

Change to white.

Rounds 4-6: Ch 1. Work 1 sc in the joining st and in the next 9sts. Sl st to the first sc to join.

Change to blue.

Rounds 7-8: Ch 1. Work 1 sc in the joining st and in the next 9sts. Sl st to the first sc to join.

Break yarn and fasten off.


With tan, ch 5.

Row 1: Sl st in every ch. Ch 1, rotate your work clockwise, working 1 sl st in every ch of the foundation row on the opposite side.

Break yarn and fasten off.

Finishing: Stuff the popsicle, keeping the top open. Insert the stick slightly into the popsicle and sew the popsicle around it to secure. Lastly, cut a piece of yarn, in the color of your choice, about 6 inches in length. Thread the yarn through the top of the popsicle, and tie the ends together with a sewing knot.

Mini Croissants 

I came up with this pattern a while ago.


Cast on 12sts.

Row 1: P.

Row 2: K2tog, k to the last 2sts, k2tog. (10)

Rows 3-8: Repeat rows 1-2, three times. (4)

Row 9: P.

Row 10: K2tog, twice. (2)

Row 11: P2tog. (1)

Fasten off.

Finishing: Roll the triangle into a croissant shape and secure it with few stitches. Sew the edges together.

I think these would look really cute in a picnic setting.