Enter, Berlioz

Meet Berlioz, a three-month old Scottish Fold. Isn’t he cute?

Taking him home was not too difficult. Originally, he was on my lap but, as strange as it might seem, he felt more comfortable in the litter box we brought with us. 

I know the litter box is kind of small for him. The only reason my mom and I brought this one is because it fit better in the car. I personally didn’t think Berlioz would need to go to the bathroom, but we brought it just in case. Which was a good thing because it helped him relax.

When we got home we fed him some tuna. The lady at the cattery said to feed him tuna twice a day and a little bit of 2% milk as a treat.

After he finished, we played a little bit with him. And when I say “a little” I mean a LOT. Berlioz is a little bundle of energy. His favorite toy is a green little plastic ball.

I don’t mind that’s he’s energetic. In fact, I enjoy watching him play. I just wish he didn’t see the couch as a giant scratching post. I mean, he has a cat tree. Why won’t he use that instead?

Berlioz got on the cat tree for a little bit. He has yet to use it as a scratching post, though.



Today, my mom realized we were almost out of fish food. Meaning, it was time to go to Petsmart.

After getting the fish food, we decided to browse a little bit. We came across these parakeets. Aren’t they cute?

Personally, I’d never want to have a bird as a pet. I am more of a cat person. The idea of cleaning up bird poop never has and never will sound appealing to me. That being said, I truly think they’re beautiful.

The yellow one in the picture below is my favorite. I wonder if it wishes it was not in a cage….

Mini Croissants 

I came up with this pattern a little while ago. 

Cast on 12sts.

Row 1: P.

Row 2: K2tog, k to the last 2sts, k2tog. (10)

Rows 3-8: Repeat rows 1-2, three times. (4)

Row 9: P.

Row 10: K2tog, twice. (2)

Row 11: P2tog. (1)

Fasten off.

Finishing: Roll the triangle into a croissant shape and secure it with few stitches. Sew the edges together.

I think these would look really cute in a picnic setting. 


I finished the pattern I mentioned a few posts back. What do you think?

As my very original title suggests, this post is about caterpillars. There is a LOT around here. Well, it’s much more than what I am used to at least.

Seeing a Giant Leopard Caterpillar was always a rare occurrence. And when you did, they were always big. But this year, I’m seeing a bunch of big and little ones. Though, that’s probably because this area has more caterpillars.

The kale that’s planted in the backyard might also have something to do with it. I didn’t think they ate kale but I saw two on it the other day. I’ll have to research that.

There is also an increase in asps. Which, to be honest, I’m not that excited about.

And here’s a tadpole! Isn’t it cute? It’s a little bigger than what I expected, though.