The Story of Midnite

My mom has had several cats over the years. Sadly, the majority of them would end up disappearing due to them being “outdoor only” cats; But there was one who didn’t. Her name was Midnite.

They crossed paths one day when my mom was going to school. A boy was a going to give Midnite to another classmate, however, the classmate changed their mind. So the boy decided, being the absolute jerk that he was, to throw her over a nearby fence instead! I’ll never understand how someone could be so mean. Fortunately, having seen what he was about to do, my mom stepped in and said she would adopt the kitten. 

Midnite grew up to be a scrawny little cat. Although, she was small, she was also very intelligent and every cat around learned not to mess with her. Being completely covered in black fur, you’d probably be anxious if you believed in old wives’ tales. I don’t  know what her eye color was, but I like to imagine that they were a vibrant green.

She wasn’t very fond of company and appreciated her alone time. Mom attempted to keep her indoors from time to time, but Midnite would always bolt out the door eventually. When she set her mind to something, you couldn’t stop her. Midnite would always leave “gifts” ouside of the front door. Gifts in the form of dead rodents. That must have been so sad and so, so gross.

Midnite passed away when I was still very young, so I honestly can’t remember her. But I know I’ll never forget the stories about the adventures my mom and her shared.

I feel stupid. As I was writing this, I accidentally clicked ‘post’ instead of ‘preview.’ For those who are following me, I’m sorry.

​Music by Kevin MacLeod.  Art by me.


Practice Makes Improvement 

I noticed something about myself. I tend to spend more time thinking about what I should be doing instead of actually doing something. Well, starting today, I’m going to turn over a new leaf. I’ve been wanting to work on my drawing skills for a long time now, and believe me, they need it. 

I found this book at Hobby Lobby and decided to check it out. It’s called “Draw 50 Trees, Flowers, and Other Plants” written by Lee J. Ames and P. Lee Ames. The book has step-by-step illustrations, which is great for beginners like me. If you’re interested in learning how to draw, I’d really recommend checking out some of their books. They’re available digitally as well. 

I feel a little embarrassed about showing you my…..not so great art. But I also wanted you to see where I’m at, so you can get an idea of how much I need to improve. Now that I think about it, maybe “need” isn’t the correct word to use considering I don’t plan on ever pursuing it as a career. Drawing will probably always just be a hobby of mine. 

Sometimes I wonder if I should spend my time doing more productive things instead of art. And while that might be true, I can’t see myself not doing anything artistic. I’ll admit that I’m not the most creative person. Gosh, sometimes it feels like I have zero creativity. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy drawing, knitting, or crocheting whenever I do. I guess even if something is “just a hobby” it doesn’t mean it’s not productive. Though, I suppose that depends on what it is.

Is there anything that you’ve been trying to improve at?

Two is a Company, Right?

Life is usually fairly predictable. However, I did not see this coming.

We’re getting another cat. I know, I know we just got Berlioz. But just look at that face! She’s so adorable. Her name is going to be Marie and she has the same parents as Berlioz. We should get her about the end of June. I hope they get along well.

I will admit that it feels a bit soon. My mom and I didn’t even know if we wanted another cat. But we were curious and decided to see if Muse Cats had a new litter or not. They did, obviously, and we saw Marie. 

I honestly feel like Berlioz would like the company. Sure, he has my mom and I, but it’s not the same. No matter how much we play with him, we can’t replace another cat. I believe some cats like being an only pet, but I just don’t think Berlioz does. Lately, it seems like he gets bored fairly easily. Though, that could be because his toys aren’t nearly as exciting anymore, I wonder if it has to do with the lack of other animals around.

Lack of Inspiration 

I’ve had a lack of inspiration lately. I guess you can say I have “writers block.” Initially when I started a blog, I was hoping I could post rather frequently, but now I’m not so sure if I can. Who knows, maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and suddenly a bunch ideas come to me. But as of right now, I doubt that will happen.

I want to improve. Not just with writing blogs frequently, but with my grammar and vocabulary as well. They have never been one of my strong points and I don’t expect them to ever be. But still, I’d like to feel more confident whenever I write something. Though, my efforts may not avail, I need to at least try.

Although, I consider myself fairly good at knitting, I’d like to improve on designing my own patterns. Unfortunately, patterns require creativity which seems to be determined on evading me right now! It’s frustrating, but creativity is not something that can be forced. That won’t stop me from looking for inspiration, though.