Lack of Inspiration 

I’ve had a lack of inspiration lately. I guess you can say I have “writers block.” Initially when I started a blog, I was hoping I could post rather frequently, but now I’m not so sure if I can. Who knows, maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and suddenly a bunch ideas come to me. But as of right now, I doubt that will happen.

I want to improve. Not just with writing blogs frequently, but with my grammar and vocabulary as well. They have never been one of my strong points and I don’t expect them to ever be. But still, I’d like to feel more confident whenever I write something. Though, my efforts may not avail, I need to at least try.

Although, I consider myself fairly good at knitting, I’d like to improve on designing my own patterns. Unfortunately, patterns require creativity which seems to be determined on evading me right now! It’s frustrating, but creativity is not something that can be forced. That won’t stop me from looking for inspiration, though.


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