Two is a Company, Right?

Life is usually fairly predictable. However, I did not see this coming.

We’re getting another cat. I know, I know we just got Berlioz. But just look at that face! She’s so adorable. Her name is going to be Marie and she has the same parents as Berlioz. We should get her about the end of June. I hope they get along well.

I will admit that it feels a bit soon. My mom and I didn’t even know if we wanted another cat. But we were curious and decided to see if Muse Cats had a new litter or not. They did, obviously, and we saw Marie. 

I honestly feel like Berlioz would like the company. Sure, he has my mom and I, but it’s not the same. No matter how much we play with him, we can’t replace another cat. I believe some cats like being an only pet, but I just don’t think Berlioz does. Lately, it seems like he gets bored fairly easily. Though, that could be because his toys aren’t nearly as exciting anymore, I wonder if it has to do with the lack of other animals around.


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