Practice Makes Improvement 

I noticed something about myself. I tend to spend more time thinking about what I should be doing instead of actually doing something. Well, starting today, I’m going to turn over a new leaf. I’ve been wanting to work on my drawing skills for a long time now, and believe me, they need it. 

I found this book at Hobby Lobby and decided to check it out. It’s called “Draw 50 Trees, Flowers, and Other Plants” written by Lee J. Ames and P. Lee Ames. The book has step-by-step illustrations, which is great for beginners like me. If you’re interested in learning how to draw, I’d really recommend checking out some of their books. They’re available digitally as well. 

I feel a little embarrassed about showing you my…..not so great art. But I also wanted you to see where I’m at, so you can get an idea of how much I need to improve. Now that I think about it, maybe “need” isn’t the correct word to use considering I don’t plan on ever pursuing it as a career. Drawing will probably always just be a hobby of mine. 

Sometimes I wonder if I should spend my time doing more productive things instead of art. And while that might be true, I can’t see myself not doing anything artistic. I’ll admit that I’m not the most creative person. Gosh, sometimes it feels like I have zero creativity. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy drawing, knitting, or crocheting whenever I do. I guess even if something is “just a hobby” it doesn’t mean it’s not productive. Though, I suppose that depends on what it is.

Is there anything that you’ve been trying to improve at?


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