When I first started this blog, I planned on mainly talking about designing patterns. However, since none of them have sold, I feel a bit discouraged and honestly don’t feel like talking about it. I mean, it’s not like there’s much to talk about anyway. I just have to be patient and keep on trying. I’ll admit there is times that I seriously contemplate on just giving up, but the idea always saddens me.

Growing up, I’ve never had a strong drive to do one particular thing. I just always figured that if I couldn’t think of anything else, I’d become an engineer like my father. As time went on though, sitting in an office all day started sounding less and less appealing. I don’t feel like it’d something I’d enjoy. I’m sure I could learn to tolerate it, but I would like to find a job that I actually enjoy instead of one I just “tolerate.”

A job within the makeup industry is also something I have considered. I don’t feel like I’m the most skillful when it comes to makeup, but I have learned a lot in the last few months. Though my looks mainly consist of dark brown smokey-eyes, I have been trying to broaden my horizons a little bit. I recently tried a look using green eyeshadow and I will never make that mistake again. I’m sure some people can pull it off, but I am just not one of them.