Little Troublemaker

Marie is the sweetest cat I have ever known. However, that doesn’t mean she never gets into trouble.


One of her favorite things to play with is cords. Television cords, computer cords, headphone cords, etc. Luckily, she is fairly easy to distract, so this isn’t too much of an issue. That being said, some days I strongly consider just getting rid of all of them. But that’ll never happen unless I can convince my mom of all the reasons we don’t need a TV.

Her newest hobby is stealing socks. While I wish she didn’t, I’d much rather her steal socks than possibly chew on a currently plugged-in cord. At least socks can’t electrocute her. Though truthfully, I may not be as okay with this if she went after my socks as much as my mom’s.

Marie likes to “help” with everything. I put quotation marks around the word ‘help’ because her “help” isn’t exactly helpful. In fact, it tends to add difficulty to simple tasks. I mean, I glad she likes my knitting needles, but it’d be a lot easier to knit if she wasn’t trying to chew on them as I did so.

Sometimes her mood can take a 180 degree turn. One minute, she’s laying on the back of the sofa, perfectly calm. The next, she’s sprinting halfway across the house, pouncing on everything in sight. It’s kind of peculiar since she use to always be so calm as a kitten. But still, at the end of the day, she really is a great cat.



When I first started this blog, I planned on mainly talking about designing patterns. However, since none of them have sold, I feel a bit discouraged and honestly don’t feel like talking about it. I mean, it’s not like there’s much to talk about anyway. I just have to be patient and keep on trying. I’ll admit there is times that I seriously contemplate on just giving up, but the idea always saddens me.

Growing up, I’ve never had a strong drive to do one particular thing. I just always figured that if I couldn’t think of anything else, I’d become an engineer like my father. As time went on though, sitting in an office all day started sounding less and less appealing. I don’t feel like it’d something I’d enjoy. I’m sure I could learn to tolerate it, but I would like to find a job that I actually enjoy instead of one I just “tolerate.”

A job within the makeup industry is also something I have considered. I don’t feel like I’m the most skillful when it comes to makeup, but I have learned a lot in the last few months. Though my looks mainly consist of dark brown smokey-eyes, I have been trying to broaden my horizons a little bit. I recently tried a look using green eyeshadow and I will never make that mistake again. I’m sure some people can pull it off, but I am just not one of them.

The Apple Tree

She waited everyday,

Never knowing why.

All the things they said

Was nothing but a lie.

The cycle repeats,

She wants it to end.

Spending her days,

Haunted by back then.

They were the tree,

The one, so tall.

Her mother was the apple

And she inherited the fall.

Settled In

It has been a little over a week and Marie has fully settled in. I feel like she’s already a little bigger as well.Like most kittens, Marie is very playful. She is also very fast. I always have to watch my feet just in case she decides to suddenly run in front of me. Despite that, I think it’s cute.

I think I’ve said this before, but Marie has a very great personality. Pamela even said that she has the same personality as Buddy. You may have never heard of him, but his mother posts pictures of him on instagram if you’re curious. You can find him by searching ‘buddydaboy’ or by going to and clicking ‘new families’ at the top.

We’re still not giving Marie free reign to the house unsupervised. The house is, for the most part, kitty-proofed but there is still things she could get herself into. So, even if she’s a little disappointed sometimes, it’s for her own good. Besides, she tends to sleep at night anyway.

Patriotic Popsicle Charm

Happy Independence Day!The yarn and crochet hook you use is optional.


• Red, white, and blue sport weight 

• Stuffing or scraps of yarn


• A US C2 (2.75mm) crochet hook

• A chenille or tapestry needle 


With red, ch 2.

Round 1: Work 6 sc in the first ch. Sl st to the first sc to join. (6)

Round 2: Ch 1. Work 2 sc in the joining st and 1 sc in the next 2sts. 2 sc in the next st and 1 sc in the last 2sts. Sl st to the first sc to join. (8)

Round 3: Ch 1. Work 2 sc in the joining st and 1 sc in the next 3sts. 2 sc in the next st and 1 sc in the last 3sts. Sl st to the first sc to join. (10)

Change to white.

Rounds 4-6: Ch 1. Work 1 sc in the joining st and in the next 9sts. Sl st to the first sc to join.

Change to blue.

Rounds 7-8: Ch 1. Work 1 sc in the joining st and in the next 9sts. Sl st to the first sc to join.

Break yarn and fasten off.


With tan, ch 5.

Row 1: Sl st in every ch. Ch 1, rotate your work clockwise, working 1 sl st in every ch of the foundation row on the opposite side.

Break yarn and fasten off.

Finishing: Stuff the popsicle, keeping the top open. Insert the stick slightly into the popsicle and sew the popsicle around it to secure. Lastly, cut a piece of yarn, in the color of your choice, about 6 inches in length. Thread the yarn through the top of the popsicle, and tie the ends together with a sewing knot.

Marie’s Arrival 

Meet Marie,​ the most adorable kitten I’ve ever seen.This will be a short post. I’m tired from traveling in the car all day, plus I need to keep Marie company. She is very gentle and very sweet. I feel very fortunate to have her. Wow, I just used the word ‘very’ three times. This will be a great post. (I’m being sarcastic.)

Little Marie is still rather shy, but that’s to be expected. She is just a kitten and moving to a new home requires a lot of adjustment. Not to mention, being around new people is also a stressor. I can tell that she’s starting bond with me already, though.

The Story of Midnite

My mom has had several cats over the years. Sadly, the majority of them would end up disappearing due to them being “outdoor only” cats; But there was one who didn’t. Her name was Midnite.

They crossed paths one day when my mom was going to school. A boy was a going to give Midnite to another classmate, however, the classmate changed their mind. So the boy decided, being the absolute jerk that he was, to throw her over a nearby fence instead! I’ll never understand how someone could be so mean. Fortunately, having seen what he was about to do, my mom stepped in and said she would adopt the kitten. 

Midnite grew up to be a scrawny little cat. Although, she was small, she was also very intelligent and every cat around learned not to mess with her. Being completely covered in black fur, you’d probably be anxious if you believed in old wives’ tales. I don’t  know what her eye color was, but I like to imagine that they were a vibrant green.

She wasn’t very fond of company and appreciated her alone time. Mom attempted to keep her indoors from time to time, but Midnite would always bolt out the door eventually. When she set her mind to something, you couldn’t stop her. Midnite would always leave “gifts” ouside of the front door. Gifts in the form of dead rodents. That must have been so sad and so, so gross.

Midnite passed away when I was still very young, so I honestly can’t remember her. But I know I’ll never forget the stories about the adventures my mom and her shared.

I feel stupid. As I was writing this, I accidentally clicked ‘post’ instead of ‘preview.’ For those who are following me, I’m sorry.

​Music by Kevin MacLeod.  Art by me.